Kambiz Negahban, M.D., Founder & President
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The founder and president of Easton Eye Consultants, PC, is Kambiz Negahban, M.D., a board certified world class physician and surgeon. He grew up in Beverly Hills, California, and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Southern California before being accepted to the Boston University School of Medicine. After successfully completing his residency at Boston University, Dr. Negahban spent an extra year of fellowship in cornea and laser vision correction with Dr. Howard Leibowitz, who was then the department's chairman and was the longest acting chairman of any department of ophthalmology in the United States.

During his fellowship, Dr. Negahban was offered the position of Chief of Cornea, Refractive surgery, a position that made him, at age thirty, one of the nation's younger directors of this section. In addition to that seat, he took over the position's fellowship directorship position, training and teaching numerous ophthalmologists to perform corneal transplants and LASIK/Refractive eye surgery. In 2004 he was the recipient of Boston University's Teacher of the Year award by the university's ophthalmologist residents.

Dr. Negahban has been practicing in both the Boston and Southshore suburban areas for the past eight years and has recently founded and opened the Easton Eye Consultants clinic to permit him more time to treat and care for his patients. He is well respected in both the academic and medical communities and has authored numerous articles and book chapters on cataracts and systemic diseases and laser vision correction in addition to his work in the classroom and operating room. He has systematically earned his reputation as a competent, ethical, honest, and ultimately caring surgeon, one who is fully aware that you, as a patient, are entrusting him completely with your care and your priceless vision.

No matter what your vision problems are or how long you’ve had them, please schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Negahban where he will take the time to discuss your concerns, diagnose your case, and determine the best course of action toward regaining or retaining your best vision.

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