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In the event of an emergency, please call (508) 238-2388 immediately or go the nearest emergency room.

Our eyes are delicate and vulnerable, which means they are susceptible to a variety of traumatic injuries as well as subject to disease. Any injury to the eye can be serious and, if not treated properly, can lead to damaged vision and the possibility of loss of vision. Because your vision is so important to us, anything that can place it in jeopardy requires immediate and qualified treatment.

Emergency eye damage most often results from foreign objects entering the eye. To prevent this from occurring, it is advisable to always cover the eyes with protective lenses whenever possible. The time and effort spent on covering the eyes may save a lifetime of impaired vision, and the experts who insist on properly covering the eyes know best.

If an emergency situation arises, please call (508) 238-2388 at once to arrange an emergency appointment with Dr. Negahban. We at Easton Eye Consultants have everything necessary to treat and repair most emergency conditions, and our fast action may prevent future problems. We can determine the extent of the emergency and begin alleviating the problems quickly, actions which may save your vision.

If your eye emergency develops after normal business hours, you should still call (508) 238-2388. Your call will be answered, and you can leave a short description with the voicemail system and have the call forwarded to Dr. Negahban. He will respond to your call as quickly as possible and begin arranging for you to receive the necessary and prudent medical treatments. You may be instructed to go immediately to a hospital or other facility, and should expect to arrange for transportation.

Your eyesight is a precious resource that needs to be maintained. Please call us at once if you believe it has been injured in any way.

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