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Easton Eye Consultants offers an extensive line of services, all designed and developed to provide you with the best in quality care and service. Our experience lets us provide you with answers to all your vision questions, and the following list touches on some of our more popular services.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Dr. Negahban will give you a thorough checkup to fully diagnose any problems you may have with your vision and to ensure you eyesight remains healthy. During the comprehensive exam, your pupils will be checked for any optic nerve disease and state of the art diagnostic equipment will be used to determine your vision quality. Your vision will be checked for astigmatism or near or far-sightedness and a glaucoma screening can be performed. In addition, a dilated funduscopic examination and other non-intrusive tests can be used to detect retinal diseases and determine the complete health of your vision. Any questions or concerns you have can be privately discussed with Dr. Negahban at this time, and he will do his best to give you honest answers in terms that you can easily understand. Read more

Emergency Eye Care

Because our eyes are delicate and sensitive, any injury or irritation they receive can lead to extreme discomfort or pain, and our vision may become impaired. If you have a condition that requires immediate attention, Dr. Negahban will be available with all the resources needed to treat you and alleviate the problem as soon as possible. In the event of any emergency situation, please contact Easton Eye Consultants immediately at (508) 238-2388 and schedule an appointment. After regular office hours, leave a message and have the emergency call forwarded to Dr. Negahban. Read more

Advanced Refractive Surgery

At Easton Eye Consultants, All-Laser custom LASIK surgery, flapless LASIK surgery, and implantable contact lenses are available for those who need them. All-Laser Custom LASIK is a safe procedure used to improve your vision and lower your prescription. Flapless LASIK surgery, sometimes called PRK, LASEK, or Surface Ablation, is a similar, alternative procedure generally reserved for patients with thin corneas. Implantable contact lenses are essentially a permanent contact lens that benefits those with extreme nearsightedness.
Read more about Flapless LASIK
Read more about All-Laser "Custom" LASIK

LASIK "Touch Ups"

After any LASIK procedure, patients can experience small changes to his or her prescription. Instead of relying on aids such as glasses or contact lenses, Easton Eye Consultants can repair these minor imperfections with custom laser technology. Read more

Eyelid Plastic Surgery

As the name implies, this surgery can cosmetically repair aging and give you a more youthful appearance. It can also result in better peripheral vision and reduce the need to strain your eyes to see properly.

Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane & Radiesse

By careful application of these medical products, an experienced eye doctor can reduce or eliminate wrinkles around your eyes and help you maintain fresh, smooth skin.

Advanced Cataract Surgery

This corrective surgery, done with limited, local sedation, replaces aged, cloudy lenses that inhibit your vision with a new clear one that gives instant benefits and restores lost vision. Read more

Multi-focal & Accomodative Lens Placement

Dr. Negahban is one of the leading eye surgeons in Massachusetts to implant the premium and advanced IOL technology in patients. These IntraOcular Lenses eliminate the need for reading glasses in patients who have received a fixed-focus, artificial lens in cataract surgery. Read more

Pterygium Surgery

A pterygium is a membrane that grows over the cornea and can cause astigmatism or lead to blindness. Easton Eye Consultants can surgically remove the pterygium using local anesthesia, and are trained and qualified to use new techniques that use amniotic membranes that produce significantly improved results without sutures. In many cases, the procedure can be performed with surgical glue alone without the use of any sutures. Read more

Glaucoma Surgery and Treatment

Glaucoma develops from high pressure within the eye and can harden the interior of the eye and can even damage the optic nerve. This condition can cause severe vision problems and can even lead to blindness if left untreated. Easton Eye Consultants use laser technology to reduce the pressure on the eye that glaucoma causes, and this can reduce or eliminate the need for eye drops. Read more

Diabetic & Hypertensive Retinopathy Treatment

Diabetes restricts the flow of blood to the retina, and this can lead to bleeding, damage to the retina, and can even result in the retina detaching and the complete loss of vision in the eye affected. Easton Eye Consultants can perform the laser surgery that has been proven to halt the progression of the diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy and improve vision. Read more

Chalazion and Surgical Management

A chalazion is a lump in the eyelid that resembles a sty. If left untreated, it can grow to a mass that can only be removed surgically. Dr. Negahban can drain the mass in a brief office procedure that is done with local anesthetics that prevents scarring and can be done without the need for hospitilization. Read more

Keratoconus Treatments

Patients with irregularly shaped corneas can suffer from astigmatism that needs glasses or removable contact lenses to correct. A treatment such as Intacs, which flattens the cornea, is far less invasive than surgical reshaping and can prevent the necessity of corneal transplants. Dr. Negahban is also an expert in performing corneal transplants and has taught many other surgeons the surgical techniques involved in properly performing keratoconus treatments. Read more

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