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LASIK surgery can produce immediate and long-lasting correction for many vision problems. In many cases, following LASIK surgery, it may be possible to throw away the eyeglasses and contact lenses you used to use and to enjoy a maintenance free life with excellent vision.

Sometimes, though, after your vision has been improved by LASIK surgery, further surgery is needed to repair new adjustments made by your eyes. Small changes can occur over time, whether or not you previously had LASIK surgery, and to correct for these changes, follow-up LASIK treatments may be advisable. These “touch up” surgeries are less drastic than the original surgery, are well-received, and are an excellent and carefree way to maintain your vision.

Touch ups are sometimes suggested a few years following a successful LASIK surgery and are triggered by normal and natural changes to a treated eye. Sometimes only one eye needs this later adjustment, but frequently both eyes have changed so much since the original surgery that a touch up is needed in both of them. Touch up LASIK surgery can often be postponed or eliminated by wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses again, but those who have gotten used to the ease of living without such external measures usually choose not to return to them.

The availability of touch up LASIK surgery depends to a great deal on the amount and condition of the cornea. The procedure is only possible if enough corneal thickness remains, and before any treatment is scheduled, your eyes will need to be carefully examined at Easton Eye Consultants. Those who have touch up LASIK surgery often find the procedure and recovery time similar to the original surgery, but some variations have also been known to occur.

If you've had LASIK surgery to correct your vision and are finding that the vision in one or both of your eyes is degrading, please contact us today at (508) 238-2388 to arrange a consultation. We can make sure your vision is kept as good as it can be.

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