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Dr Negahban is proud to offer the latest global advancements in cataract surgery to his patients. He is only one of a handful of surgeons in New England that are qualified to perform the all New All Laser Bladeless Cataract Surgery. Advances in laser cataract surgery have been coming rapidly over the past decade. An eye surgery that was once rather fearsome and painful for the patient is now an outpatient procedure whose discomforts are brief, whose complications are exceedingly rare and whose benefits are long lasting.

The LenSx laser is now the latest technique when it comes to laser cataract surgery in Boston. Boston Ophthalmologists prize this laser for its extremely accurate surgical incisions and sculpting of the eye. The incisions are not only accurate but always uniform. This is because the LenSx laser isn’t handheld but is completely automated. The laser also pulses once in every trillionth of a second, a rate that is so fast that the damage to healthy tissue is kept to an absolute minimum. Another benefit of the LenSx laser is that it maps out the patient’s eye to customize the surgery. Yet, the goal of LenSx laser cataract surgery in Boston is still the same as traditional cataract surgery. The surgery is to remove a clouded lens from the eye and replace it with an intraocular lens. Dr Negahban is certified and has tremendous experience with different types of intraocular lenses and has performed over 10,000 eye surgeries. He not only performs but actively teaches laser and cataract surgery at Boston University School of Medicine department of Ophthalmology as an attending surgeon.

LenSx Laser for Cataract Surgery
LenSx Laser for Cataract Surgery

The LenSx laser is a type of femtosecond laser. Indeed, it’s the first type of this laser to be approved for cataract surgery. In 2006, Dr Negahban abandoned use of a blade to do LASIK eye surgery in favor of All laser bladeless LASIK using a femtosecond laser to reduce any potential complications to his patients. He has lectured internationally on this topic. Now with the arrival of LenSx laser, he is excited to offer the SAFEST cataract surgery and techniques available anywhere in the world.

Because LenSx laser surgery is so precise, its complications are rare and usually happen to people who have other diseases or conditions of the eye besides cataracts. However, if complications occur they can include infections, swelling of various structures in the eye, bleeding, retinal detachment and the intraocular lens becoming dislocated.

Many patients want to know just what they can expect after laser cataract surgery in Boston. The procedure itself only lasts from a quarter to a half an hour and the recovery is very quick. In the meantime, the patient might experience a feeling that there is grit in the eye and might feel stinging in the eye. The patient might also see halos or experience glare, but this should also pass. The patient should also avoid rubbing or touching the eye or doing anything strenuous for about a week.

Any person in the Boston area who feels he or she can benefit from LenSx laser surgery for cataracts should contact Dr Negahban at Easton Eye Consultants for a consultation.

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