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A LASIK procedure has helped millions of people toss away their glasses and contact lenses and achieve perfect or near-perfect vision. This laser surgery has dramatically improved millions of lives and is a sensible, safe procedure that is relatively painless and normally doesn't require any hospital stay.

Those who can benefit most from a LASIK procedure and who get the best results generally all have the following in common:

  • Good LASIK candidates are at least eighteen years old and have had stable vision for the past year

  • For the past year, there has been no incident of eye infection or eye injury

  • There is no history of herpes in the eye

  • The cornea is unscarred

  • There is no history or presence of autoimmune disorder such as lupus

  • The LASIK candidate isn't nursing or pregnant at the time the procedure is performed

  • There is no history or presence of dry eye syndrome

  • The patient's pupils do not become overly large (over 7mm) in dark or subdued light

  • The candidate understands the risks of LASIK surgery, some of which are shared by all surgical procedures, and has a realistic expectation of the results

  • Dr. Negahban at Easton Eye Consultants will meet with you and perform a comprehensive eye examination before discussing your case with you. During this exam, your suitability for the LASIK procedure will be insured and all of your questions will be patiently and fully answered.

    By ensuring that you are a good candidate, complications and risk factors are kept to a minimum, and this means you can expect excellent results. When you are dedicated to regaining the best vision and are prepared to follow the simple post-operative instructions, you can begin looking forward to a life that is free from eyeglasses or contact lenses.

    Please contact us today at (508) 238-2388 to arrange your appointment!

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