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Glaucoma is a group of diseases that result in vision loss and blindness by damage done to the optic nerve through increased pressure in the eye. The optic nerve contains more than one million nerve fibers that connect the retina to the brain and if it is damaged, vision is compromised.

Normal Optic Nerve Optic Nerve with Glaucoma

Normal Visual Field Visual Field with Glaucoma

Glaucoma (ICE Syndrome) Glaucoma (ICE Syndrome)

Increased eye pressure may lead to glaucoma, and those who have it are at increased risk, but glaucoma only results if the optic nerve is damaged. Glaucoma surgery treats the disease by either reducing the production of intraocular fluid within the eye or by increasing the rate at which that fluid is drained. Either treatment will lessen the pressure within the eye and preserve the optic nerve.

A comprehensive eye examination performed at Easton Eye Consultants can detect the presence of glaucoma and increase the likelihood of saving your precious vision. We can perform tests that are far more accurate than the rudimentary puff test done by others and can prescribe a number of medications that may be able to control your glaucoma. As we continue to measure and track the progress of the disease, we can continue to provide the optimal care and treatment you need, including laser glaucoma surgery if the situation warrants.

At Easton Eye Consultants we can treat glaucoma in a variety of ways. Commonly, treatment begins with specialized eye drops to reduce the intraocular pressure. If the increased pressure requires multiple eye drops to be used by our patients, or if additional laser therapy is required, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty or SLT is frequently recommended to our patients. We find this laser treatment to be the best for the majority of cases, not only because of its success in reducing the intraocular pressure, but unlike other laser treatment programs, SLT can be performed multiple times on the same patient and even as often as twice each year.

If you are concerned about glaucoma and wish to avail yourself of the latest and best treatment options currently available, please give us a call at (508) 238-2388 to arrange for an appointment. We will be able to answer all of your questions and provide a course of treatment that is right for you and respectful of your needs.

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