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Some people, for any one of a number of reasons, are not good candidates for LASIK eye surgery but still want a permanent solution for their vision problems that frees them from the necessity of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. For many of these people, implantable contact lenses offer a solution that provides instant and permanent vision correction without laser surgery.

Relative Size of Lens Implantable Contact Lens

Implantable contact lenses provided by Easton Eye Consultants, are surgically placed within the eye in much the same way as the intraocular lenses that replace a cloudy natural lens as part of a cataract surgery. For Implantable Contact Lens treatment, however, the eye's natural lens is kept in place and works along with the ICL instead of being removed and discarded.

To perform an ICL, Dr. Negahban of Easton Eye Consultants, will deaden the sensation in your eye with anesthetic eyedrops and then make a tiny incision in the cornea. Through that microscopic slit, a lens will be inserted behind the iris and either in front or behind the natural lens. This treatment can be used to correct a number of vision problems, including extreme myopia or nearsightedness that cannot be alleviated by LASIKS.

The procedure does not require hospitalization, is typically performed in less than thirty minutes, and is successful over 95% of the time. Pain is either short and mild or non-existent, the benefits of the procedure are immediately noticeable, and full recovery takes place over a month although driving and other normal activities can be resumed the day after the procedure.

If you believe implantable contact lenses may work for you and resolve your vision problems, please contact Easton Eye Consultants, at (508) 238-2388 to arrange for an eye examination and consultation. We will take the time to diagnose your condition, fully discuss your options with you, and begin working with you to develop a treatment plan that best meets your wishes and needs.

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